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Steel Railing Paint or Coat? What are the options when it comes to painting

There are a lot of steel fences surrounding pools out there!  We are routinely asked to paint fences in need of structural repair.  Paint won't fix a falling fence, but here are some things that could be done to make that steel fence last another 25 years. 

1.  Replace the anchor points with Galvanized bases.   This is a very easy repair, that can take an existing fence and simply correct the connections.  I've personally seen many fences scrapped for no reason other than aesthetics

2. Paint the fence when its oxidized and doesn't need primer. 

3. Make certain moisture can escape the steel tubing.  Weeping holes are common practice.  It's basic science, the moisture comes from condensation.  The temperature inside the pipe is different than the outside of the pipe.  Condensation in the pipe clings to the side of the pipe and water forms excelleration corrosion.  Imagine a cold can of soda in the sun forming water on the out side of the can.  Happens just the opposite on the interior side of the pipe.


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