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Wallpaper was extremely poplular in the 70's and 80's.  We all have memories of certain prints and color in the living room or kitchen of the house we used to live in.  Wallpaper can turn plain walls into designer spaces without the additional clutter of extra stuff.  Most people avoid wallpaper because they had a bad experience removing it or are under the impression that stripping and removing wallpaper is easy.  Hanging wallpaper doesn't seem nearly as arduous since it's fresh, new and exciting.  But removing the old wallpaper is considered a chore.  Visions of sweat and a sticky mess seem to fill our heads with grief.   

Once you try a few wallpaper remval tricks, you may find the task easy and simple and may actually consider hanging some more in this new century.   

Before using any type of wallpaper stripper, remove as much of the paper as you can by hand.  The top layer of the wallpaper most likely can be removed with the aid of a dull blade or plastic scraper.  Sometimes the wallpaper separates into layers, one easily removed the other stuck like nails.  The bottom layer that is glued to the wall can be very stubborn.  If the wall wasn't painted before the wallpaper was hung, removing the wallpaper will propbably be far from easy.  These are the horror stories the scare most from attempting it themselves. 

Prior to breaking out any water or wallpaper stripper, consider covering everything that can be damaged.  The floor, trim, furniture or covers.  Use a water resistant masking tape and plastic to cover the areas so that clean up can be done in one fell swoop.  

Before spending money on expensive commercial products, simply try some fabric softener, dish washing liquid or vinegar.  Obviously these products can be reduced in Hot water and some ten to work very well depending on the glue currently holding up the paper. 

There are commercial products that make stripping paper easy.  The products can be helpful if you have a large area to clean.  They will however irritate you skin after hours of use, so consider using some kitchen cleaning gloves.   

Start with cheaper homemade products for stripping before resorting to buying stripper at the store.  Chances are the following homemade wallpaper stripping products will work surprisingly well, and you'll save money in the process. 


5 ounces of liquid fabric softener into a 16 ounce spray bottle with hot water. 

1 ounce of Dawn dish washing liquid into a 16 ounce spray bottle with hot water. 

8 ounces of white vinegar in 8 ounces of hot water.....but try this last it really is stinky.





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