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Deciding on a paint color is often the most challenging part of the painting process for homeowners.  Recently, we completed a project started by another painting contractor who didn't take responsibility for selecting the color and mid way thru the project, the owner nearly fainted with disdain for the paint color.   The contractor was unwilling to stop and find a solution to the color conundrum.  So, the homeowner had no other choice, but to find someone willing to take the time to figure out what she wanted.

Our intention is to find the right color that fits you and the space you are creating.  We have had the benefit of seeing thousands of colors selected from a small chip to the finished paint product.  Without this background of selecting colors for multiple projects, it is simply a guess or a hunch.  Most homeowners don't have any certainty when selecting a color and have great anticipation about what the color will look like when the projects finished.  

Here are some tips to think about during your next painting project to make color selection easier.

1. Start with painting the ceiling a white or a neutral color that will be influenced my the next color installed.  Consider this a blank canvas for the color to come. 

2. Paint the trim either the accent or a neutral next to make a statement or figure out the light value of the room.  Side Note:  Why do you have to make a decision on color in the beginning if you don't understand the light value of the room until it has been changed to a blank canvas.  Most professionals will need to perform preparation requiring primer and paint prior to the final coat.  This maybe the best time to narrow the color down to the final selection. 

3.  Consider Tone, Color, and then Value.  This is seldom discussed, but in practice should be the only way you select a color for interior or exterior wall of your next painting project. If you don't have an answer to what Tone, Color and Value are, Check out the next blog. 

If you need some help selecting a color call us at:  760-568-2851  Just let us know you need some color help, and we will be glad to assist you.


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