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Painting Ceilings may be the most difficult task of painting the interior of a home.  We prefer to use a self priming true flat paint to allow the most light reflection without the sheen to display imperfections.  (Light Reflective Value) LRV should be greater than 90.  Typically we select  white as the most common color as it reflects light well and complements other paint colors.  White lifts the ceiling and the darker the ceiling the lower the ceiling feels.  

White can actually make a ceiling look more distant in rooms with high ceilings or lofty spaces.  If you're painting a room with ceilings that are higher than 9 feet try using a ceiling color that is a shade or two darker than the wall color.  For lower ceilings, use a color that is a shade or two lighter than the walls.  This will usually add a level of comfort to the room and give an illusion of space to rooms with low ceilings.

We only use professional tools to paint a ceiling.  These tools include a 5 gallon paint pail with a grid and a medium nap roller cover to cover texture and ensure full coverage.   Definitely don't try to paint a ceiling off a ladder.  It's much easier to perform the task from the ground.  Maybe the investment in a larger roller pole will pay off if you possess the muscles and strength to lift the weight.  

Also, we only typically paint a ceiling if the entire home or space is going to be repainted.  It is very difficult to only paint a ceiling because the transition to the walls will take extra time to cut around if the wall have just been painted.   

Two coats are almost always necessary to ensure even coverage and we install each coat in a different direction to make sure all the texture or surface is covered. 

I just installed a bright blue on a ceiling which encouraged me to share.  The trim is white and the walls are a light grey (almost white) and the effect is that your eyes are pulled to the ceiling when you walk in.  The blue has an affect of pulling your eyes off the ground and giving the room an ethereal feel and relaxing,calm feeling.




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