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As a Painting Contractor we seldom select a color without the influence of the customer or client, but it seems lately that grey is the new color for interior painting projects.

Interior paint color always has been part of a painting estimate, but recently as a premier painting service we have found customers just wanting a light white or grey color on there walls.  

What is this new painting trend?  

Founded in Black and White, This new grey palette seems to be high style and a reasoned approach to design.  The hues are Tricorn Black, Crushed Ice and a Beige Grey that is void of all color.  Why are these colors becoming the new norm?  

Shadows and Negative space seem to be the next big trend.  Tone on Tone Layering is easily accomplished if  white and black values are added or subtracted by traditional paint mixing methods.

Here is the new palette from Sherwin Williams


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