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I have a beautiful stucco finish here in the desert, but now it is getting white spots and looks unattractive.  I have noticed the same white blotching on my block walls wherever the sprinklers run and on my colored concrete.  What can I do?

The problem that stucco, block walls and even colored concrete edging faces is a problem called efflorescence.  (ef-floor-es’-ense)   It is a fact of life with most concrete products.  We usually hear about it when we get a phone call explaining how it is showing up in someone’s decorative concrete or stucco area.   The cost of prevention is minimal when compared to the cost and inconvenience of remedies to remove it.  While it is only an aesthetic issue, it is still an issue we would all like to understand and avoid.

Efflorescence is caused when water migrates through a concrete substrate.  The water may be coming from underneath a wet area that is being irrigated or it may be cause by a sprinkler or even rain.  While concrete looks dense, when you magnify it, it looks more like a sponge than a rock.  When water migrates through concrete, it carries dissolved salts which remain even when the water evaporates.    It is the same thing you can see on your car after washing, when you don’t dry it off.  These fine, white, powdery deposits .  They can occur as quickly after something is installed or may take years to appear but they are still difficult to remove.

If you can't live with these unattractive deposits and the methods you have tried to remove the white spots have failed, then give us a call at 760-568-2851.

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