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Whether you're a Palm Desert Area resident or visitor here to suck up the rays of the hot sun, you're likely familiar with the region's various golf courses. If you own or manage a golf course and its facilities, here are a few things to think about when it comes to the upkeep of the ground's visual appearance. 

Golf Facility Exteriors

As with any exterior in the Coachella Valley, golf course facilities are at the mercy of the elements like sun, heat, wind and sand.

During the day the bright and hot sun beats down on exterior paints, stains and other surface coatings. Eventually, the surface will become dulled to the point refinishing or repainting will be necessary. Wind-blown sand exposure is also a problem. In conjunction with the sun, it will accelerate the fading of paints and stains. And since golf courses are all about appearance, it makes business sense to keep them looking their best.

Concrete Inspection & Repair

When it comes to the golf course, it's really about the green and the fairway. But, many courses have concrete paths that will need occasional repair, refinishing and sealing. This can happen a few different ways.

Improperly-mixed concrete (two different types of concrete used, for example) can also cause discoloration, as will the wear and tear of golf cart tires and feet, or any other way dirt and grime might find their way onto concrete. Inconsistent mixture of water in various batches of concrete can also change its appearance.

Concrete can be cleaned with high pressure washers or chemicals. Afterward, the concrete can be stained and sealed to maintain a visually-attractive appearance.

Other Surfaces & Facilities

A number of other surfaces and facilities can be found on golf course grounds. Many courses have little bridges. Like other exterior surfaces, they will eventually need refinishing or repainting. Sheds, metal railing and parking areas/structures (including parking lot striping), etc., can also be painted or repainted. 

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