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If the Coachella Valley is known for anything aside from the heat, sun, golf courses, and resorts, it would the shopping. It's part of the region's cultural DNA. Palm Desert retailers range from chains to boutiques, both big and small, and everything in between. El Paseo Drive, for example, is one of main shopping hubs in the region. 

As can be expected, this varied commercial culture requires different approaches. Larger stores will demand different interior and exterior looks—something that reflects the brand, but doesn't draw too much attention to itself. Maybe they'll even require specific types of flooring like many chain retailers, like Target, for example. (We're happy to do this sort of work, by the way.) Boutiques, on the other hand, will typically—though not always—go for a much more personal look; something that reflects the business owner and its clientele; or, indeed, the product (whatever that might be).

Moorhouse Coating has the experience in painting a wide variety of commercial retail spaces. We're happy to bring our skilled professionals in to transform your business's interior and exterior. The key to this requires great flexibility, skilled craftsmanship, a good ear (several in fact), and steady communication. 

You want your retail space to create the proper expression. It's not easy work, but we like the challenge. Get in contact with us if you have any questions for your next commercial retail project.


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