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The Palm Desert is a sprawling area, and one heavily frequented by visitors and tourists. As such, the region has vast array of hotels and resorts. With this profusion of hotels and resorts comes plenty of need for cleaning and refinishing. 

Interiors & Exteriors

Whether a new construction project or existing building, a hotel should look attractive. As far as hotel and resort interiors are considered, spaces will require cleaning, light carpentry repair, painting, wallpaper application/repair, and staining. Kitchen facilities will need to meet USDA and other state health code regulations. Keep that in mind when looking for a commercial painting contractor. Anti-microbrial coatings (for walls and floors), for example, might be a good idea. 

As everyone in California knows, earthquakes put a toll on buildings. Depending on the frequency of these natural events, hotels and resort exteriors (and interiors) might need to be repainted, refinished and rebuilt. These facilities and structures could include: ramps, sidewalks, walkways, light bridges, lampposts, lighting structures, signs, and more.

The bright Southern California sun can also degrade the exterior look of a hotel or resort. So keep an eye on the brilliance of the paint; and, if it's fading, get in contact with a commercial painting contractor the exterior needs some freshening up.

Concrete Surfaces

Hotels and resorts feature all manner of concrete surfaces. There are sidewalks, storage rooms floors, basement floors, etc., in most hotels and resorts. And in the most modern hotels and resorts, the concrete surface can be incorporated into a given space's aesthetic. It can be polished and tinted for its highly individual look. A commercial painting contractor should know how to grind concrete, polish it, and apply various coatings for both look and function.  

If you have any questions about painting your hotel or resort's interior and exterior, give Moorhouse Coating a call or email us. We excel at this type of work. 


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