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In the Palm Desert Area, there is no shortage of swimming pools. That's just life in the Coachella and the desert. You've got to cool off somehow, and you can't always sit in an air-conditioned room. Whether your pool is part of a residential home, or at a hotel or resort, there is a good chance that there will be a concrete deck around it.

Potential Concrete Problems

Concrete is quite porous, and so it soaks up water and can even trap it.  This, of course, can be a problem in and around pools. Microbiological growth can occur, especially in the Palm Desert's warm temperatures, which can lead to acid decay. This will not only be unsightly, but affect the integrity of the concrete itself. Not good.

Concrete coating can chip away where the deck meets the pool. This is caused by typical wear and tear as people get in and out of the pool. Standing water on your pool deck can also trigger concrete coating failure, as can the irrigation systems typically used in the Palm Desert area, which spray water onto the concrete.

The sun can also bleach and discolor your concrete pool deck, so that's another thing to keep in mind. And, if you happen to have a salt-chlorine generator for your pool, the salt will dig into the concrete and present some wear and tear to the surface. But, these systems aren't that common.

Protecting Concrete

So how do you protect the concrete deck surrounding pools?  Well, if it's an old concrete pool deck, you will want to clean the concrete, typically with a pressure washer. Some chemicals might be required, depending on microbial growth, for instance. Obviously, if any concrete repair work is required, that will need to be taken care of as well. Finally, you will want to seal the concrete to protect it.

Acid Stain Flooring  

Before sealing the concrete, you can also consider Acid Stain Flooring, which will allow you to achieve colors from earth tones to pastels. And it needn't be a uniform color—various acid stain colors and patterns can be achieved with the right forethought and design. This can look highly attractive, especially for hotels and resorts, but also for the more adventurous homeowners out there.

If you have any other questions about protecting your concrete pool deck, do get in contact with Moorhouse Coating.  

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