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With temperatures falling, now is the perfect time to think about painting outside. 

Paint is affected by temperature.  If it gets too hot the heat can alter color, texture, odor and the adhesion of the film.  The temperature can affect the different components that make up the paint so be sure to store it at proper temperatures and apply it out of the sun.   

The optimum temperature for applying latex paint is between 60 and 85 degrees F.  The minimum application temperature is typically 50 degrees.  The temperature should remain above that for 36 consecutive hours to ensure that the paint dries properly.  The surface being painted must also stay above 50 during the curing process. 

Wind is another factor that can radically effect the film finish.  Low humidity and hot weather can make the paint dry before it has time to properly bind to the surface.  The paint may look alright when it's applied, but it won't perform when it has had a chance to meet the sun again. 

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