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We are all subject to first impressions and as someone said, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  That being the case, what do first time visitors think about you when they see the entrance to your place of work or home?  Is it clean, tidy, inviting and does it communicate who you are?  Or is it dated and worn?  Does the front door or maybe the whole front need a facelift?

It is a fact of life, that regardless of how attractive your entrance looked when it was new, both styles, colors and architecture change over time.  Just like our dress and the style of automobiles, homes and businesses need to accommodate themselves accordingly.  An older looking entrance says that the business owners are not interested in what those on the outside may think.  Some may justify this by saying that it’s what’s inside that counts, but this neglects the person who won’t come inside  because of what you have already communicated outside.

The least expensive option to rejuvenating the entrance of your workplace is a simple coat of paint.  Possibly use two or three colors to accentuate architectural features instead of just one drab color.  Using  colors that are related or that reflect your business is like getting free advertising.  Who doesn’t recognize McDonald’s by its red and yellow  colors way before you can read the sign.  Smart businesses use color to attract as well as brand their products and services.  Smaller business owners don’t have to take second place to these corporations.  You just need someone with experience to help you see the possibilities.

If you would like a free color consultation and some ideas for remodeling the entrance of your home or business, give us a call 760-568-2851.  We have extensive experience in color selection.  This is one area that costs the least but can be the trickiest to get right.   We can also suggest some reasonable solutions to updating the front of your building like faux stone, siding or tile that may give your business that fresh, inviting look.  Is it time to address tired or dated look you presently have?  Then call us.

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