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From bold color to dusty, natural hues, we take an advance look at the gorgeous palettes predicted for 2016. Here’s your chance to get in on the front end of these up-and-coming colors sure to evoke emotion and create stunning spaces.

Farm to Table Inspiration

2016 will bring together natural elements, stunning metals, and clean tones. Think weathered wood meets smooth cement, spirited bohemian meets organized architect. We’ll see colors go back to the basics with hues derived from natural elements, which will complement and contrast more industrial looks.

Color without Season

We see a blur and mixing of holidays, traditions and cultures that is changing our understanding of ‘seasonal’ color rules.  Color associated with seasons and holidays are widely being accepted for everyday use.  Colors inspired by autumnal hues like crunchy leaves, fall flowers, and earthy gourds as well as gold will shine brightly in 2016.

Expect to see soft “winter” colors -- dusty roses, deep purples, and frosty grays continue to be an important statement for simple, modern styling. Dusty blue-mauve, winter berry, and blue-reds will also be trending, which will go well with the Scandinavian influences we’ll see in design like untreated woods and mid-century lines.

Comfort & Happiness

Get cozy! Warm grays will continue to play an important role in residential and commercial spaces paired with uplifting hues. Look for inspiration from fresh, healthful foods, such as roasted red-brown almonds, creamy green avocados and earthy-tan crackers. Also, select a warm gray that pairs well with happy yellow as well as mossy green and deep gold.

An Ocean of Color

Dip your toes in an ocean of teal, aqua and emerald, from bright to moody, blue-greens will continue to trend at the top into 2016. This cool palette reflects the power of the ocean and soft, cleansing feel of water itself. We’ll see a beautiful muted plum that pairs well with this group – a deep accent in a relaxing palette.

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