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Bold can be beautiful without being garish. Here's how to give your home, office or retail space a rich personality.

Choosing Colors You Can Live With

In a world where thousands of colors can be yours for just $30 a gallon, it pays to consider the advice of a reputable painting contractor or designer. Always remember that while there are thousands of paint chips at the store, there are only seven colors in the paint spectrum, meaningred, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. We always suggest eliminating a couple even before you go to the paint store.

Start by selecting three colors from an existing object in your home. Take a pillow from the family-room sofa, your favorite tie or scarf, or a painting—anything that conveys comfort or has an emotional connection for you or provides an inviting connection for your clients—and take that object to the paint store. Find three sample strips with those colors, and you instantly have 15 to 18 colors you can use, since each sample strip typically contains five to six paint colors. The next step is to choose one of the three paint colors as your wall color and to save the other two to be used around the room in fabric or furnishings. To choose the colors for adjacent rooms, take the same original three color sample strips and select another color. Finally, choose a fourth color that can be used as an accent: Add a little splash of that color into every room of the house—by way of a pillow or plate or artwork. It makes a connection between the spaces.

If you find yourself paralyzed at the paint store, unable to choose your color sample cards, look at the darkest color at the bottom of the strip. If you can live with the one at the bottom, you know you'll like the middle and top, but if you choose by looking at the top, lightest colors, all the cards in that category start to look the same.

Once you have your colors in hand, consider the finish you'll be using. Today's flat paints have increased stain resistance, conventional wisdom has long held that a satin (also called eggshell) finish is best for walls because it is scrubbable and doesn't draw attention to imperfections. Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are best used for trim or cabinetry. Keep in mind that the higher the gloss, the more sheen and the more attention you draw to the surface.

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