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Mother Nature is all but unbeatable when it comes to creating beautiful, lasting building materials. Certainly wood – that hard, fibrous tissue harvested from many different trees – has been the backbone of shelter construction for thousands of years. Highly prized for strength, efficiency, adaptability in use and, of course, lasting durability and beauty, wood, when properly cared for, serves silently and dutifully for many, many years. Taking care of the wood structures on and around your home is important.

Just the facts… once you cut a tree down or it dies, you cut off its abilities to defend itself against its natural enemies. Mother Nature’s job is to return all things to the earth, including dead trees. If dead trees become exterior wood structures, you have to be very proactive in your approach to treatment.

Staining your exterior wood structures, like fences, decks, sheds or lanais, is multi-advantageous. Most choose the type and color of stain based on aesthetic appearance. Other advantages are protection from water, bugs, UV rays, mildew and mold. Generally speaking, the more pigment in a stain, the more protection you’ll have.

One thing you start to notice is drying and cracking of the wood. This can be disheartening for most customers when they ask for a proposal for staining and receive a proposal for the complete restoration of their exterior wood structure the existing finish was beyond maintainable condition. The truth of the matter is that this could have been avoided if proper maintenance was performed on a regular basis.

We at Moorhouse Coating can help you protect Mother Nature’s gift! Call or email Moorhouse Coating for a FREE estimate today!

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