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Tips for Painting Stucco

Stucco has been chosen as an exterior for many homes throughout the years.  The reliability of Stucco is its extreme durability and weather-resistance.  These factors make it an excellent outside finish, which help in protecting your home.  Over time stucco can become stained and have small chips or fractures in it and will need to be painted or repaired.  Below are some professional painting tips for painting stucco.

House Painting in Palm Desert
Painting a stucco house does not need to be a challenge.  The first step in painting must be to prepare the surface properly prior to painting.  Using a broom or long handled brush to remove any debris or loose stucco.  Then using a power washer is the best way to clean the surface.

Always Allow the Surface to Dry
Before painting; the stucco will need to dry completely in order for the paint to perform properly.  Allowing the stucco to dry may take several hours in the summer, a little more in the fall and a full day in the spring or winter.

Stucco with Cracks or Fractures
Over the years, stucco may obtain some cracks or fractures.  It is a very simple process to repair those cracks.  Simply use a filler to fill in the cracks or any fractures. Allow the filler to dry completely before painting.

Select the Paint
Selecting a paint that is flexible and that will adjust very well to temperature change is the best choice.  There are many colors to choose from to meet your desire.  The paint should be mildew resistant for the best finish.

Begin Painting
Choose a good quality paint brush to do the trim and a roller can be used to cover most of the larger areas. But by using a professional painting company, you will be on your way to having a beautiful home from start to finish without having to pick up a brush or roller.

Having a beautifully painted home in Phoenix is very important to most homeowners.  Stucco-finished houses are durable and long lasting.  The simplicity of painting and maintaining the stucco, along with any color you choose is also a great benefit to stucco homes. The tips listed above will help you when you are ready to paint.  Stucco homes are very popular in the Palm Desert area. When you have selected the best home and location for you and your family keep in mind that stucco houses are very easy to change to a color of your choice.  

Painting stucco is a specialty of professional painting companies. Call or email us TODAY for a free estimate and assistance with protecting your stucco and selecting the perfect color for your home!

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