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Answer: In many ways, hiring a paint contractor is just like hiring any contractor. You should always consider warranties, references and examples of past work as well as logistical details like proof of workers’ compensation insurance, licenses, and ability to pull the necessary permits.

A property manager should have some special considerations. Because having multiple properties and various paint jobs over time, you want to be looking to establish long-term relationships with your contractors. You will want someone you can work with again and again, someone you can scale up to other, larger projects.

That’s why the first job is important. You will want to see how a painting contractor responds to your processes and how he or she fits with your company and your values.

Anything done poorly is a reflection on the property management company. Be sure to look for painters who understand this. That means being respectful of your residents in the way they present themselves, behave, and treat the property.

And because you’re looking to build relationships, also ask whether they charge for estimates. If you’re going to send a lot of work their way, there will be a lot of estimates, and they should expect that to be a part of the cost of doing business not something you, the client, routinely pays for.

Another key factor is communication. Like a lot of property managers, you always need to plan ahead. Sometimes you will need to coordinate with residents or other contractors on a job, so it is important that they understand your process and timeline. Good communication is critical. You will want to have contractors who keep you apprised of what’s happening on a job, and let you know, right away, when a problem arises. No surprise is a good surprise.

And, of course, the quality of the work matters. Always ask about the quality and type of their paint products. Good professional painters swear by certain brand of paint and refuse to use cheap, low-quality products.

Ask about the crew a painting contractor brings to the job. Are they employees of the company, subcontractors or day laborers?  Sometimes a small company might not have enough employees on staff, you want a guarantee that the painting contractor you hire has his own people and that they will do a good job. You’re responsible for your workers, and ultimately, it’s a reflection on me. A quality painting contractor should take their work and reputation, as you do yours.

Lastly, ask about how they prepare a space for painting, do they remove things like light fixtures, door hardware, switch plates and outlet covers? Maybe for a low-end job it doesn’t matter, but for larger, more expensive jobs, you want to know that the contractors you hire pay attention to details.

A lot of people can paint, but you’re looking for craftsmen. And if they’re craftsmen, they’ll take the time to do a job well, and they know that details matter.

Our team at Moorhouse Coating takes pride in their workmanship. The crew is a reflection of the company and we take pride in both. Our slogan is “At Your Service” and we are just that! Call or email us TODAY to discuss your next project!


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