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Residential EIFS, Stucco/Plaster Painting & Repair

At Moorhouse Coating, we understand that each home is unique. And so when it comes to EIFS, Stucco and Plaster repair and painting, we combine vast product knowledge and experience with our state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained staff, to have your Palm Desert area home interior or exterior looking its best. 

What is EIFS?

EIFS, or External Insulated Finishing System, which is commonly used on homes, is often incorrectly called "synthetic stucco." Granted, it definitely is synthetic, but EIFS is absolutely not stucco. EIFS is a lightweight synthetic wall cladding system. Multiple coats are applied to a rigid insulating board, which is adhered to surfaces like concrete, for instance.

Lath Plaster

Lath is the wooden slats or wire mash between walls onto which Stucco or Plaster is applied. Typically, it is used for interior walls in the US and Canada. Moorhouse Coating's painters are experienced in repairing and refinishing Lath Plaster interior walls. We can even use Lath Plaster to give your home interior an ornamental or decorative appearance.


Moorhouse Coating is happy to regularly inspect and repair residential exteriors with EIFS, Stucco and Lath Plaster. We offer several Maintenance plans for our Coachella Valley customers, specifically tailored to your homes's specific needs, as well as your particular budget requirements. Whatever maintenance is required, Moorhouse can do it.