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Not Your Average Commercial/Residential Painter

Moorhouse Coating has always trodden a slightly different path, gravitating towards difficult projects that other painting contractors tend to avoid. We thrive in the face of challenge, putting our expertise to good use in complex painting quandaries.

What is your painting challenge?

    • Complex project demands
    • Previous coating failure
    • Confined space/limited access
    • Limited service window
    • Demanding schedule limitations

    Whatever the individual needs of your painting project, we have the technical knowledge, company infrastructure, dedication, flexibility and creativity to do the job right. Where other painters aren’t up to the job, we find a better way to finish the project, whether that means suggesting a different product or applying it in a different manner.

    Jason Moorhouse has an unconventional approach to operating his business that has made Moorhouse Coating a unique member of the Palm Desert area Commercial and Residential painting community.

    Always Learning

    In order to provide the best product and method solution for each painting job we undertake, Moorhouse Coating is constantly testing and evaluating new products, and training our employees in correct usage. Whether you need non-slip flooring, antimicrobial tank linings, fireproof coatings or zero-VOC applications, we are knowledgeable and experienced in the products you need.

    Always Reviewing

    For us, part of providing the best possible service is to return to our previous jobs to evaluate the product performance. We return 1, 3 and 5 years after the initial job in order to analyze what worked well and what could have been done better or differently. This process helps our project managers and salespeople learn from experience and apply that knowledge to future jobs, providing superior results.